An Easy Way to Buy Wheels and Tyres

You’ve been thinking of upgrading your wheels and tyres for months, and now that off-roading season is here, it’s easier than ever to take that step. While our experts will help you find the right package for your vehicle, but to help you further, we’ve assembled this guide to online automotive shopping.

Consider Your Vehicle And Its Usage

This step is the easiest one: consider the way you use your vehicle before you choose rims from our shop. Wheel makers typically classify their products by vehicle type, and if you’re taking yours off-road, you’ll need to choose smaller wheels that allow more sidewall flex.

Think About Tyre Size

If you’re going keeping your existing px ranger wheels and tyres rather than getting a different package, it’s important to know your tyre size because the rim diameter needs to match the tyres. So, for instance, if your tyres are 205/55R/16, you’ll need 16” wheels. When you want to go all-out on a new wheel and tyre package, visit our online shop for help with selection and fitment.

Choose a Finish

Rim design has come a long way in the past few years, and off-road aficionados have tons of options to suit their vehicles and their tastes. Select from finishes like:

  • Black (matte, satin, or gloss)
  • Gunmetal grey (dark, matte, and light)
  • Machined (in any combination of black and gunmetal)
  • Milled (like machining, cuts are made into the aluminium finish to expose the metal underneath)

In two- and three-piece custom wheels, these finishes are easily combined for a nearly endless range of possibilities.

Set a Budget

A set of 4×4 wheels and tyres online can be priced at anywhere from $500-$4000 or more. The major factors that determine cost include those listed below.

  • The larger the wheel, the bigger the price tag
  • Chrome costs 30% or more than painted finishes
  • There are multiple construction types, like pressure and gravity cast or single-piece cast aluminium wheels, all the way up to forged rim and flow-form designs

Think About The Look You Want

Next to taking your vehicle off-road after installing a set of our 20 inch wheels and having your friends take pictures of your newly-lifted vehicle, this is the most exciting part of the process. Look for an online wheel visualization tool that shows you how your wheels and tyres will look on your vehicle.

Start The Selection Process Today

Now that you’ve gotten your useful wheel-buying checklist, visit our website to buy 4×4 accessories online. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members will work with you to find the right Ford Ranger accessories Sydney. Call today or visit us online to get started.